Difference between insulin dependent diabetic militias non insulin dependent diabetic militias

Before understanding insulin-dependent or non-insulin-dependent diabetic militias. We need to understand how insulin affects diabetes, and how it’s responsible for dibetics.

What are the diabetic militias?

When blood glucose levels increase in the body more than 120-130mg/dl. This is the condition of the beginning of diabetic militius.  And if it increases more than 180-200mg/dl. Then it’s diabetic militias. Which affects negatively our nervous system, Exicetry system and our immune system.

180-200mg/dl, the body needs to reduce extra glucose levels because it affects negatively. So kidneys start exciting extra amounts of glucose from our bodies. Due to this kidneys get higher pressure. It increases the chances of kidney failure.

At this movement insulin, play a very crucial role.

Insulin tends to convert glucose or carbohydrates to fat or fatty acid. Whenever blood glucose level reduces to its normal level. At that time, this fat or fatty acid converts into glucose with the help of Glucagon.

I hope you understand the condition of diabetes militias and the role of insulin.

Difference between insulin-dependent or non-insulin-dependent diabetic militias

I hope you understand the role of insulin in diabetics. This insulin is released from Beta cells of the pancrease.

In our body, there are lots of insulin-dependent receptors. In some conditions, these receptors are not susceptible to insulin. It mainly happened from childhood this is a genetic condition. This condition is called type 1 diabetes militias. It’s not dependent upon insulin. it mainly depends upon insulin receptors. we also called Non-insulin-dependent diabetic militias

Whereas in type 2 Diabetes militias, secretion of insulin gets affected due to ageing or deficency hormone, or due to inflammation in beta cells of the pancreases. This happens in all ages. This is called insulin-dependent diabetic militias or Type 2 Diabetic militias.

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